Ing. Yvona Charouzdová

Ing. Yvona Charouzdová is currently the director of Talent Management Center International and also leads important projects in the field of leadership and talent management. As a trainer, she specializes in workshops focused on improving the quality of human resources, leading specialized trainings focused on the strategic development of human resources, remuneration and intercultural management of companies. Coaches top managers with excellent results.

She gained work experience in the field of consulting, where her activities included finding top managers, middle management and specialists. Other activities were the management of top consulting projects in the field of human potential management development (development and implementation of evaluation and motivation systems, performance-based remuneration, management and personnel audits and organizational consulting). In the banking environment, she focused on the concept of educational projects, which she lectured on a pilot basis.

She studied at universities in Prague and Great Britain, then expanded her education at professionally oriented seminars in Germany, Austria, the Netherlands and Italy.

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